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There are currently 82 breweries listed in Illinois.

Recently-Added Illinois Craft Beers

Did you know there are over 383 different craft beers in Illinois?

Recently-Added Illinois Craft Beers

Destihl Brewery

Haze of the Dead

American Double / Imperial IPA
Goose Island Beer Co.

Hazy Beer Hug

American IPA
Temperance Beer Co.


American IPA
Spiteful Brewing

Ina's Beachwood Ale

American Brown Ale
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Best Bitter

English Bitter
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Hefe

Spiteful Brewing

Bleacher Bum

American Blonde Ale
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Dark Lager

Euro Dark Lager
Spiteful Brewing

The Cubby Bear

Light Lager
Spiteful Brewing

Spite Light

American IPA
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful IPA with Tangerine

American IPA
Spiteful Brewing

Whale Tickler

American Double / Imperial IPA
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Illinois Beer Guide – Find the Best IL Breweries

The Illinois Beer Guide is your resource for a list of all IL breweries and beers. Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Illinois, USA.

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Chicago Beer Guide – Find the Best Craft Breweries in Chi Town

The Chicago Beer Guide is your resource for a list of Chicago breweries and beers. Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

JustBeer is a community platform that highlights and showcase Illinois's finest brewers and awesome locally-made beers. We proudly support the Illinois #DrinkLocal movement.

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Illinois Beer Guide – Find the Best IL Breweries

The Illinois Beer Guide is your resource for a list of all IL breweries and beers. Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Illinois, USA.

If you’re looking to check out some craft breweries in the Prairie State or you’re looking for a specific Illinois beer, the Illinois Beer Directory will help you find the nearest brewery in IL serving your favourite beer styles on tap and where to buy craft beer in Illinois.


Find the Best Breweries in Illinois, USA – Tap into the Prairie State Craft Beer Scene:

The Illinois Beer Directory was created for beer lovers by beer Lovers. The goal of this guide is to help beer drinkers find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Illinois.

Whether you’re just visiting Illinois or you’re a local – this beer guide is here to help you discover new beers and where to buy craft beer in Illinois.

Using the Illinois Beer Directory, You Can Find:
  • A Map/List of Illinois Craft Breweries
  • Local Pubs, Taprooms, Restaurants Serving Craft Beer in IL
  • Where to find craft beer on tap in Illinois, USA
  • Where to buy craft beer in Illinois


Find Craft Beer in Illinois – How to Use the IL Beer Guide


Illinois Brewery List

Using the IL Craft Beer Guide to find local beers is easy. Visit the Beer Guides page on JustBeer, then select “Illinois” to view a list of Illinois craft breweries or the Illinois craft brewery map.


Illinois Craft Brewery Map

Want to make your own personalized Illinois brewery tour? Well, let us be your travel guide! Use the IL Beer Guide to see a map of breweries in Illinois and create your own beer tasting and brewery tour!


About the Prairie State Beer – Facts About the Illinois Beer Industry

Illinois has a huge craft beer scene with over 220 craft breweries operating in the state.

  • According to the Brewers Association, Illinois produces 400,473 barrels of craft beer per year. (Illinoisans love to #DrinkLocal!)
  • Illinois ranks 13th for the highest number of breweries in the United States per state.

If you’re looking for a craft brewery in Illinois, the JustBeer IL Brewery Guide is the #1 resource for finding the best Illinois craft beer.