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Chicago's Beer Guide was last updated Mar 25, 2023 - if you’re looking for craft beer in your area, then jump over to the Map of Chicago Breweries. It’s a visual guide to Chicago's popular breweries and their beers.

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Chicago's Beer Guide has 54 craft breweries listed on JustBeer. Check out each company for more information about their business and beers.

Recently-Added Chicago Craft Beers

There are over 297 beers listed from Chicago breweries on JustBeer. Browse recently-added beers or scroll down and browse beers by style.

Recently-Added Chicago Craft Beers

Goose Island Beer Co.

Hazy Beer Hug

American IPA
Spiteful Brewing

Ina's Beachwood Ale

American Brown Ale
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Best Bitter

English Bitter
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Hefe

Spiteful Brewing

Bleacher Bum

American Blonde Ale
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Dark Lager

Euro Dark Lager
Spiteful Brewing

The Cubby Bear

Light Lager
Spiteful Brewing

Spite Light

American IPA
Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful IPA with Tangerine

American IPA
Spiteful Brewing

Whale Tickler

American Double / Imperial IPA
Spiteful Brewing

Barrel Aged Malevolence Bomber 2015

Russian Imperial Stout
Spiteful Brewing

Alley Time

American Pale Ale (APA)
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Chicago Beer Guide – Find the Best Craft Breweries in Chi Town

The Chicago Beer Guide is your resource for a list of Chicago breweries and beers. Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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Chicago Beer Guide – Find the Best Craft Breweries in Chi Town

The Chicago Beer Guide is your resource for a list of Chicago breweries and beers. Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Looking to visit a craft brewery in Chi-Town? Chicago’s craft beer community is ever-growing and with over 139 breweries in Chicago, it can be hard to keep track of all the new microbreweries, taprooms and brewpubs opening up in the city. That’s why JustBeer’s Chicago Beer Guide is continually updated to help you find the best craft beers and new craft breweries in Chicago.

Whether you’re looking to check out Chicago’s Brewing District or you’re just looking for a good craft beer downtown, the Chicago Beer Directory will help you find the best breweries serving your favourite beer styles on tap and liquor stores selling craft beer in Chicago.


What is the Chicago Beer Guide?

The Chicago Beer Guide or Chicago Brewery Guide was created to help Chicago locals and visitors discover the city’s growing craft beer scene. We believe finding good beer and great craft breweries should be easy. With breweries popping up all over the city, the Beer Guide is designed to help beer lovers find craft beers in the Windy City by style, flavour profile and more.


How do I add a beer/brewery to the Chicago Beer Guide?

The Chicago Brewery Directory is managed by the JustBeer team and our readers! If there is a new brewery opening in Chicago, a new Chi-Town beer release or a brewery/beer we’ve missed, let us know! Contribute to the online Chicago beer community.


Find Craft Beer in Chicago – Tap into the Chi Town’s Craft Beer Scene:

Ready to find the best beers in Chicago? Using the Chicago Beer Guide, you’ll never have to face the disappointment of not being able to find your favourite brew or beer style again!

Whether you’re visiting Chicago or you’re a local – this beer guide is here to help you discover new beers and where to find the best craft beer in Chicago.

Using the Chicago Beer Directory, you can find:


Find the Best Breweries in Chicago, Illinois – How to Use the Chi-Town Beer Guide:


Chicago Brewery List

Using the Chicago Craft Beer Guide to find local beers is easy. Visit the Beer Guides page on JustBeer, then select “Chicago” to view a list of Chicago craft breweries or the Chicago brewery map.


Chicago Craft Brewery Map

Want to make your own personalized Chicago Brewery Tour? Well, let us be your travel guide! Use the Chicago Beer Guide to see a map of breweries in Chicago and create your own beer tasting and brewery tour!

Take your exploring of Mud City’s beer scene a step further by stopping by one of Chicago’s local beer events. The world of beer is so much fun when you #DrinkLocal.